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Tribunal Decisions and Publications

Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT)
CanLII - WSIAT decisions from 1986 onwards

More WSIAT Information & Publications

Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB)
All decisions from 2000 to date. (Older decisions may be obatained from the Library.)
Employment Standards Appeal Decisions from 1971 to 2002.

More OLRB Information & Publications
  • The Ontario Labour Relations Board rules on issues arising under the Labour Relations Act (which governs the relationships between employers and unionized workers). It also hears appeals of decisions of Employment Standards Officers and Occupational Health and Safety Inspectors.

Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal (PEHT)
All reported decisions from 1990 to date. (Paper versions of all decisions are available from the Library.)

More PEHT Information & Publications
  • The Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal (PEHT) hears disputes that arise under the Pay Equity Act, including appeals of orders issued by the Pay Equity Commission. The Tribunal's website contains forms and rules and information related to its operations.

* Decisions of all of these tribunals may be obtained from commercial online sources such as Quicklaw, Westlaw or Canada Law Book. Contact the vendor(s) directly to learn more about access and pricing.