Acronyms Related to Ontario Workplace Tribunals Library

BOI: Board of Inquiry (Human Rights), now the HRTO.
CanLII: Canadian Legal Information Institute, a website of Canadian court and tribunal decisions.
CECBA: Crown Employees Collective Bargaining Act.
CHRR: Canadian Human Rights Reporter.
EPB: Employment Practices Branch (formerly the Employment Standards Branch). The Branch of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (MLITSD) that administers the ESA 2000.
ERC: Education Relations Commission.
ESA 2000: Employment Standards Act, 2000.
ESAC: Employment Standards Appeal Cases. Another way of referring to the ESCs.
ESB: Employment Standards Branch, now the EPB.
ESC: Employment Standards Case. e.g. ESC 2982.
GSB: Grievance Settlement Board.
HLDAA: (Pronounced "Hilda"), Hospital Labour Disputes Arbitration Act.
HRTO: Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.
LRA95: Labour Relations Act, 1995.
MLITSD: Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development
MOL: Ministry of Labour.
OESD: Quicklaw's database of Ontario Employment Standards Decisions.
OHRC: Ontario Human Rights Commission.
OHSA: Occupational Health and Safety Act.
OLAA: Quicklaw's database of Ontario labour arbitration awards.
OLRB: Ontario Labour Relations Board.
OOHS: Quicklaw's database of Ontario Occupational Health and Safety cases. (Appeals of orders issued by inspectors).
OPED: Quicklaw's database of Ontario Pay Equity decisions.
OWCA: Quicklaw's database of WSIAT decisions. Presumably stands for Ontario Workers Compensation Appeals.
PEA: Pay Equity Act.
PEC: Pay Equity Commission (consists of two separate, independent parts, the PEO and the PEHT).
PEHT: Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal.
PEO: Pay Equity Office.
PSLRT: Public Service Labour Relations Tribunal. Disbanded in 1993, function now performed by the OLRB.
PSLRTA: Public Sector Labour Relations Transition Act.
WCAT: Workers' Compensation Appeals Tribunal, now the WSIAT.
WCB: Workers' Compensation Board (now the WSIB). But note that "WCB" in a legal citation is Weekly Criminal Bulletin.
WSIA: Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (superseded the Workers' Compensation Act).
WSIAT: Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal, formerly the WCAT.
WSIB: Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, formerly the WCB.